Singapore Bridal Shoot

"Beyond the ideas of wrongdoings and right-doings there is a field, I'll meet you there." ~ Rumi

Pre- Wedding : Edwin & Yuliana

“Walking with your hands in mine and mine in yours, that’s exactly where I want to be always.” —Fawn Weaver

Well, i met Edwin at Istana Kamera, a camera shop that i frequently come into. We both like to hang out there, sometimes we come to the shop just to help the owner, the other times..we like to make the owner confused of what we were doing, of course we did a lot of silly things ! 

In short, Edwin and i become close and we do photo hunting together sometimes. Now this friend of mine is a part of my photography story, and I'm so happy for you man! I know pictures can't do justice to show how Edwin and Yuliana are really into each other, but at least i can freeze some parts of their fairy tale for them to tell to their children one day. 


Pre- Wedding : Hie & Yvonnie

We met them from the internet and became friends easily. We have the same habit, especially Yvonnie and me, we really like to make a joke about each other! Hahaha !
Hie would rather be on the neutral side than to be involved in our silly fight, but sometimes...he would always be the victim ..*sorry Hie if you're reading this right now*

This pre wed photo shoot was just so funny , and actually Hie is a person who hate the sun. And since we did most of the photo shoot outdoor ... he get sweaty really fast, while Yvonne is a really boyish girl! such a contrast, but from this experience i see how they compromise with each other and just from the little things.. i can see that they really are made for each other to complete one another through the rest of their life.


The Wedding: Asrul & Fike

Among the finest things in life,
A good marriage is the most satisfying and rewarding,
The deepest and best of pleasures.
That blessed relationship uplifts, enriches, encourages,
And strengthens both husband and wife.
A loving marriage overcomes any obstacles the world may put it in its way,
Strengthening the special marital bond with every challenge conquered.
Your wedding is a start of something better than you can imagine.
May your marriage be all that you dream of and more.
(Joanna Fuchs)

Happy Wedding, Asrul and Fike.
May the happiness you share on your wedding day radiates your marriage always, that with every obstacles you both face, you will always remember the day when the two of you committed to be partners for life.