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Other than love

We all know that a relationship is more than just a mere connection or mutual interest between two people. Moreover, maintaining a relationship is not based on love alone. No, it is not, or at least I do not think it is.

Maintaining a relationship and making it work need more than a daily dose of "I love you" or going on a date every weekend. Life is not life without its challenges, and everyone has a dream of what he or she wants to achieve in the future and whom he or she wants to become. It is important to be with someone who is not just able to tell you that they love you every day after you wake up in the morning and before you go to bed every night.
Be with someone who is willing to overcome life challenges together with you, someone who supports you and never gets tired of you even when you fall and hit rock bottom. Be with someone who is willing to hear your nonsense but listens to what you truly want to express, someone who dares to share their dreams with you, let…

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