The Wedding : Hendrik & Priscillia

"Love is the passion that we feel inside of our hearts that we can't hide."

I think this quote fits Hendrik and Priscilia best. Weddings have always been great moments for us, and of course, challenges. Because each couple has their own uniqueness, they have different styles, they have different families, different concepts of their wedding and everything. And it's always surprising to see new and exciting things in every wedding we had attended before. Hendrik and Priscilia's wedding is one of a kind. Actually, their wedding is simple. But there were lots of details we could capture during their big day. Smiles and laughters were everywhere, and we could really feel that love was in the air. Both of them have cool families and friends, and with their endless energy, we just couldn't stop taking pictures to keep those moments safe and to give them unforgettable memories on the day they said "I do" to each other.

Hendrik and Priscilia is a very passionate couple. You can see how big their love to each other is through their eyes and how they act to each other. They were inseparable and completely sweet. They truly love each other, and that love cannot be hidden. Cheers for Hendrik and Priscilia. You guys have been a very good friends and clients for us. We're very honored to had the privilege in shooting your pre-wedding and wedding.

May this next chapter of your lives be a happy and endless one. Till death do you part. All the very best, and keep being desperately in love!

Andrew Janaprasetya

Pre-Wedding : Asrul & Fike

When destiny put you together, just out of nowhere you'll find each other. Yap, I believe it, just like Asrul&Fike, they dont talk how they met but what I know they know each other by coincidence. A seet couple, yeah, they just fit percfectly. 

This couple called our team buy a "fruit" name. ahahaha! so funny! They called Daniel Prakarsa (one of my Lead Photographer) "Lychee". AHAHA! and they called me "Melon" .. i dont where it came froms, but it really funny and this couple is a newly wed couple! So congrats for both of you! 

thx for trusting me and my team to become a part of your love journey! 

Denny Hendrata

Jeremiah Manuel & Nathania - Wedding Highlights

Finally! I posted one of our partner in crime! yeah that's right.  Venema is our partner for the cinematic wedding videos! True young spirits and really creative, and dont hesitate to contact us for the inquiry of our services :)


Jeremiah Manuel & Nathania - Wedding Highlights from Venema Pictures on Vimeo.