Pre- Wedding : Hie & Yvonnie

We met them from the internet and became friends easily. We have the same habit, especially Yvonnie and me, we really like to make a joke about each other! Hahaha !
Hie would rather be on the neutral side than to be involved in our silly fight, but sometimes...he would always be the victim ..*sorry Hie if you're reading this right now*

This pre wed photo shoot was just so funny , and actually Hie is a person who hate the sun. And since we did most of the photo shoot outdoor ... he get sweaty really fast, while Yvonne is a really boyish girl! such a contrast, but from this experience i see how they compromise with each other and just from the little things.. i can see that they really are made for each other to complete one another through the rest of their life.


The Wedding: Asrul & Fike

Among the finest things in life,
A good marriage is the most satisfying and rewarding,
The deepest and best of pleasures.
That blessed relationship uplifts, enriches, encourages,
And strengthens both husband and wife.
A loving marriage overcomes any obstacles the world may put it in its way,
Strengthening the special marital bond with every challenge conquered.
Your wedding is a start of something better than you can imagine.
May your marriage be all that you dream of and more.
(Joanna Fuchs)

Happy Wedding, Asrul and Fike.
May the happiness you share on your wedding day radiates your marriage always, that with every obstacles you both face, you will always remember the day when the two of you committed to be partners for life.

The Wedding: Ferry & Henny

During my time with VOI&VOX, I've never seen a bride looking very bright and happy all the time until I saw Henny. Not even (almost) a photo taken without her smile and laughter, and by seeing their photos, you don't just know that they are happy. You can feel it, and at the same time their happiness makes you happy too. I guess that's how love is supposed to work. When love makes you happy, it radiates to everyone around you because happiness is contagious. It doesn't need to be forced to make everyone admits it, and you don't need to do anything to prove that you are happily in love. Your eyes can tell, your body language can tell. Even when you're not doing anything, still, it can tell. It's the moment when someone can say to you, "I can see it in both of your eyes. The way you look at each other, the way you talk to each other, the way you both act in between everyone around, the way you response to something only both of you can understand, and the way you complete each other."

When Ferry first sent us a message, we weren't sure that we could build a good chemistry with them, because in wedding photography, it's not just the chemistry between the bride and the groom that matters, but also their chemistry with us. The fact that Ferry was staying in Germany worried us at the first place because it means that we didn't have much time to meet and to talk or to get to know them better. But when we finally met them again on the wedding day, it was magical. Everything ran so smooth and flawless. Henny's cheerfulness instantly connected with our team and Ferry's casual demeanor towards everything that happened on the day made everything easier. Then we realized that maybe chemistry actually doesn't need to be built. When it's there, it's there. You just need to realize the spark, and when you get it, you have it.

To Ferry and Henny, we're glad you've found each other.
Thank you for the delightful wedding.

"If he still sees the beauty in you and still falls more in love with you after seeing your weird facial expressions, your unusual laugh, your constant bickering, your ugly days, your pig out days, the way you toss and turn in your sleep, your stupid jokes, the way you ask questions about things you should already know the answers to but he answers them anyway, your obsessions with strange things, and your immaturity, then you already know this is the boy."

The Wedding : Hendrik & Priscillia

"Love is the passion that we feel inside of our hearts that we can't hide."

I think this quote fits Hendrik and Priscilia best. Weddings have always been great moments for us, and of course, challenges. Because each couple has their own uniqueness, they have different styles, they have different families, different concepts of their wedding and everything. And it's always surprising to see new and exciting things in every wedding we had attended before. Hendrik and Priscilia's wedding is one of a kind. Actually, their wedding is simple. But there were lots of details we could capture during their big day. Smiles and laughters were everywhere, and we could really feel that love was in the air. Both of them have cool families and friends, and with their endless energy, we just couldn't stop taking pictures to keep those moments safe and to give them unforgettable memories on the day they said "I do" to each other.

Hendrik and Priscilia is a very passionate couple. You can see how big their love to each other is through their eyes and how they act to each other. They were inseparable and completely sweet. They truly love each other, and that love cannot be hidden. Cheers for Hendrik and Priscilia. You guys have been a very good friends and clients for us. We're very honored to had the privilege in shooting your pre-wedding and wedding.

May this next chapter of your lives be a happy and endless one. Till death do you part. All the very best, and keep being desperately in love!

Andrew Janaprasetya